Innovate with Technology

Continue Cary’s Technology direction- improve services such as MyCary, SmartCities, and create new outreach programs. Leverage tech to improve water and air quality, give real-time parking info, analyze energy usage, and reduce costs.

I’ve ensured that Cary continues to be a “Technology leader” - using technology to deliver services to you quickly, where you are, with the device you have in your hand, the speaker in your home, or your car.

The goal is to do all of this to make it easier for you to connect to your government. We have much more coming – and we are lucky to have a wealth of talented volunteers to help us along the way.

My Priorities, Plans & Vision

  • Creation of our 311 and text services
  • Supported our drone program
  • Facilitated our award winning Smart Cities programs (from trials of smart parking, to LoRA network, our CASSI autonomous shuttle, to water and air quality sensors)
  • Updated new ways reach out to residents through Social channels
  • Ensured we added QR codes to greenway signs so you can see what’s happening near you.  
  • Working on MyCary (which needs to be improved!) for online program sign ups
  • Supported our new 911 program that allows you to use your phone to assist our fire and police on-site.