Upholding our community's vitality demands ongoing investment in life-enhancing programs, including expanded transit, green spaces, separated bike lanes, new community and senior centers, and walkable neighborhoods. We're committed to nurturing arts, culture, and community engagement.

Prioritizing walkability and bike-ability in Cary connects people, places, and prosperity. Walkable areas benefit health and local businesses, yielding a "green dividend" from reduced driving. Walking boosts creativity, productivity, tourism, and local investments, while safer conditions reduce driving costs, traffic, and road repair expenses.

Fostering vitality involves expanding programs, facilitating inclusive learning, and mutual support. This propels us to reach our utmost potential, encompassing ongoing cultural initiatives that advocate inclusion, diversity, and non-discrimination through arts, celebrations, and events.

My Priorities, Plans & Vision

  • We need to increase our investment in separated bike lanes
  • Find new solutions for providing safe crossings at major intersections, such as grade separated crossings.
  • Focus on closing sidewalk and greenway gaps
  • Ensure new communities have sidewalks and are connected
  • Add more Community Centers – and ensure equity of access across Cary
  • Expand GoCary to west Cary
  • Review opportunities to expand our cultural programs across Cary
  • Add an Asian Botanical garden to west Cary in partnership with Wake County
  • Increase signage to ensure everyone feels safe crossing the street, and drivers are aware of crosswalks.